Your brand, your products

Many options for Private Label

We offer a number of strong quality products especially suitable for private label and resale.

For customers who want to brand their own product, it could be a first aid kit with their own name, individual products or a series of private label products.
Orders can be delivered right down to 3,000 units of each product.

There are many possibilities:

We have a strong network and partners who can handle the production of just the product you want. Finally, inquire about the possibilities of producing products with your own brand.

We are often asked about products that are not necessarily part of our current range. Often we will be able to meet these queries and solve the task for you.
Come with your wishes and let’s together find a solution that suits your needs.

Contact us:

Phone: 4614 1050.


Søren Thulin Osback



Martin Nielsen

Sales and Product Manager


Our Private Label products offer many opportunities for resale, including to:

● Workplaces

● Pharmacies
● Pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers
● Hospitals
● Nursing homes

● Course locations
● First-aid teachers and counselors

● Institutions and schools

● Youth hostels
● Restoration and canteen operation
● Hotel operation

● Contractors
● Construction markets

● Amusement parks
● Festivals

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