First aid for burns


BurnFree products

BurnFree is known as a very effective product in dealing with fire damage and its effects. The products include a new and effective user-friendly gel where TTO (Melaleuca Oil / Tea-Tree-Oil) is removed from the product.

BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel is 95% water-based, 100% water-soluble and highly viscous, and an effective combination that cools and soothes the burn and stays in place on a burn injury instead of running off the wound, as water would do.

The sterile burn and wound dressings are made from patented open cell foam which is saturated in BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel.
With the dressings, all exposed nerves and tissues are covered while extracting heat from the burn and up into the gel.
This will prevent further damage to the skin, whether caused by chemical burns, electrical burns, restaurant burns, waxing and / or electrolysis, or standard clothing and curling iron burns.

Benefits of BurnFree gel

  • The product is glass clear and the burned area can be seen through the gel.
  • 5 years shelf life from date of production.
  • Prevents unpleasant odor from the burned patient.
  • Cools and relieves the burned area and reduces the pain.
  • Quickly removes heat, stops the combustion process and reduces and reduces further tissue damage.
  • Removes pain by immediately covering the exposed nerve endings.
    Reduces peeling and redness.
  • Safe for use in both minor and major first and second degree burns.
  • Safe for use in all types of burns such as sunburn, electrical and chemical burns.
  • Also helps against mosquito bites, bee stings.


BurnFree must be sold in the retail sector in Scandinavia.

BurnFree products are found in over 60 countries and over 100 million products have been sold.

BurnFree meets the high requirements of the revised European directives, UDI rules and traceability.

● Workplaces
● At home
● In the car

● Pharmacies
● Pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers
● Hospitals
● Nursing homes

● Course locations
● First-aid teachers and counselors

● Institutions and schools

● Youth hostels
● Restoration and canteen operation
● Hotel operation

● Contractors
● Construction markets

● Amusement parks
● Festivals

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