Relief of feet, back, joints

We offer a number of strong quality products especially suitable for overload and wear relief.

Especially about neoprene support
Neoprene has the advantage that it has an ability to reflect muscular heat return to the muscles. This will heat muscles and ligaments faster and more powerfully.
Heat makes muscles and joints more flexible and provides better conditions for a healing process after injuries. Neoprene also has an elastic effect, which means that neoprene dressings can also be used for support and compression. If greater support and compression are desired, elastic bandages must be used.
Neoprene can be machine washed on a gentle program or hand washed in lukewarm water and soap. Remember to wash out the soap again.

Especially about elastic bandages
Elastic bandage should be used as a support bandage to strengthen the body’s own ligaments and tendons. There is only a very small heat effect in elastic bands. They should only be used for the risk of injury and congestion and for rehabilitation periods – not consistently for the sake of safety. Straps become weak over a long period of time if they fail, and elastic bandages are used, as the body automatically relieves its own ligaments when they are not overloaded and therefore do not need to be strong.
Elastic bandage is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent and solve many injury problems.


Our relief products are particularly suitable for:
● Workplaces
● At home

● Pharmacies
● Pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers
● Hospitals
● Nursing homes

● Restoration and canteen operation
● Hotel operation

● Contractors
● Construction markets

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